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Who needs to subscribe

Clinics with more than one practitioner or office will need to have an active subscription to use the software in collaborative mode.

You can apply a promo code or subscribe for one or more months.

You don't need to subscribe for individual use.

What will happen when my subscription expires?

You can continue to use the scheduler with the following restriction:
- you can enter new visits only for the default practitioner and the default slot.

The rest of the functionality will work without any change. All data already entered will not be modified.

Manage your subscriptions

Once you register and enter the plan-grafik.com you can click the Subscriptions menu in order to see your subscriptions or add new.

If you have a promo code, you can enter it on the home page of the web site plan-grafik.com or in the Subscriptions menu.

Only one promo code from unique campaign can be used by one account.

If you want to pay for a subscription you can contact us on [email protected].