Appointment scheduler software for dental practices

The massive expansion of software products in the last few years made it almost impossible to keep successful business without the right software. The Dental profession does not make an exception. At the moment there are over 30 different products, and every one of them offers a package of tools designed to make the workflow easier and more efficient, to increase the number of the patients and achieve more profitable results. There are web based and desktop applications. There are once with progressive and others with conservative design.And in the end the right choice is question more of a personal preference.

We will list all the advantages we found relevant and we’ll point out which software has it in order to help you pick the best for your case.

One of the most important things we absolutely found mandatory is the cloud. That means that all your information is held somewhere in the web on a secure server and it does not need backups or updates from your side. It is the most secure method of keeping important information at the moment, because these servers are located In special buildings designed to survive almost anything, they keep regular backups and have special staff to keep them working 24/7. Other advantage of the cloud is that it can be accessed from anywhere thanks to your smartphone or tablet. In order to provide the best treatment for your patients all the doctors it the practice must be able to get informed of the status of the patient, treatment plan and planed manipulation as fast and as easily as possible. That’s why it is important make notes for the patient and the appointments.

With scheduler it is very easy to make an appointment, the change it, to confirm a visit or to cancel it. That way you can also fix preventive visits and fill all the blank spots in your schedule. Other important tool is the financial ledger that helps you gather all the profits you make (DentiMax, Datаcon, Open dental and Plan Grafik). Thanks to that you can generate report of the people who need to be reminded to make a payment or to evaluate the efficiency of the doctors.

After integration of management software into one of the practices it was reported increase of the treated patients with 25% thanks to schedule optimization and 13% increase of the financial collection. All that in well-known practice with a lot of patients. All of the reviewed software have patient file, status for each tooth and treatment plan. XLDent allows for the patient file and status to be integrated into the dentists website in order to be seen by the patients. Almost every one of them can send insurance claims according to HIPAA. Carestream, XLDent and Open Dental allow you to attach different type of documents for each patient making your database more complete and environment friendly. Curve Dental and Dovetail can manipulate with credit cards.

Maybe one of the best things about e-patient files is the automatic is the ability to remind you about a prevention visits every 6 or 12 months. Ideal for filling the blank spots on the schedule and is well appreciated from the patients. Also with email and text messages the number of missed appointments will decrease dramatically. Because of the multi functionality of the complicity they become more difficult to use the more functions they have. That’s why Dentimax and EasyDental offer special training in order to achieve greater results.

Irreplaceable tool for the bigger practices is the ability to create reports that include every patient for given day and the manipulation that is going to be made (Plan Grafik, Datаcon) so the day plan can be discussed by the team.

In the effort for innovation some of the applications offer very interesting tools. Carestream offers voice recognition and finger print login. XLDent can make software whitening of the patients teeth or projected outcome of give treatment plan. The variety of management software is huge and will continue to grow with the increased demand for that type of applications. One of the best thing about them is the opportunity to test it before you make the decision. In the end you have find the one program that suites your practice the best.